How we work to accelerate your digital transformation

Our experience of working in world-leading content businesses allows us to deliver a quick assessment of your current approach

Our proprietary methodology

We talk to your team to assess your performance in the following key areas of digital development. After reporting back our observations, and hypotheses, we move on to recommendations and a prioritised roadmap
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User needs assessment
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Market analysis
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Product & content strategy
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Customer journey optimisation
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Revenue development

Services in detail

User needs assessment

We will help you define the needs of your users or potential users and assess whether they are being met. We will also identify whether there are other needs that could be profitably exploited

Market analysis

Gain an understanding of the state of your market and whether your products are best positioned to succeed within it. We will help you elucidate your “unfair advantage” over your competitors and advise on how you can exploit it

Product and content strategy

We will examine your content and product strategy and help you develop options in these vital areas. You will end up with a unified vision where your content and product complement and enhance each other

Customer journey optimisation

The way you acquire, retain, develop and reward your customers is crucial to the success of your business. We bring years of experience in this area and will help you identify where you can find competitive advantage

Revenue development

From pricing strategy to building new products, we can help you find the most effective ways to develop revenue streams from both existing and new customers

Organisational design

Ensuring that your business is set up properly to deliver digital growth is a huge challenge. We have experience of building strategies and tactics to transform organisations to succeed in the digital age

Analytics and insights

Many businesses are awash in data but are not focused enough on deriving insights from them. We use our experience to make sure you have the right analytics and insights set-up

News innovation

We will work with you to conceive and design new products, utilise the latest thinking in machine learning and AI, and make sure your business has the tools it needs to succeed

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